31 Aug
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Lovexair and Azatec working together on key e-Health project development

Lovexair and Azatec working together on key e-Health project development, management & getting digital resources to the people who need them most.

Madrid, 31.08.2020.
2020 stands out as the start to a complex decade where respiratory health is top of the agenda, initially where the impact due to climate change had taken countries by storm and now because of the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as other influences both behavioural & environmental which affect people anywhere in our world.

This situation is placing an enormous burden on our society, our economies, financial system and of real concern, particularly our health & wellbeing, for the coming decades.

Azatec and Lovexair are working together in a recently formed partnership to support digitalising how we manage these key issues beginning from our Southern European countries, Italy and Spain with projects which are already reaching out across other countries in Europe, Latam and further afield.

Through the new partnership Lovexair and Azatec Consulting, with their experience in the healthcare sector and cloud infrastructure are contributing to implement eHealth projects that improve the life of the patients and the collaboration among the multi-stakeholder involved, such as doctors, hospitals, tech + pharmaceutical industry.

HappyAir is a Smart Community for the integral care and active lifestyle or tele-rehabilitation for people with chronic or rare respiratory diseases such as Asthma, COPD or Alpha-1. The community provides online & offline training and resources in digital health and social care to patients, family, caregivers, healthcare professionals and researchers.

Through the platform, patients & healthcare teams can connect in order to work together and improve patients’ health and well-being. The covid pandemic makes it more important than ever, to empower key stakeholders to manage care with a different approach ,safely in a trusted environment.

HappyAir has been built as a web-based digital platform, able to be used from any device, operating system and from any remote setting with internet access.

This means that people, patients, healthcare professionals and organizations or networks can connect & use this technology and share a private digital space where they can engage in programs which support, educate, guide, provide and store their data for research from their own communities.

Applying Artificial Intelligence and innovative technologies will be a key step forward in the next phase, when we identify specific patterns in data sets, collect robust data.

“We are very honoured to be working at this level, as a patient led organization. Our passion is to connect highly-skilled people who really can impact change in care delivery, bringing new therapies and working with people to adapt to using IT and these service to bring them better health outcomes and make these services readily available for more people in sustainable ways.

Our role is as a facilitator, where we can help support public-private partnerships and understand how to get the best results and value for everyone who is working together.”

Shane Fitch, CEO and founder of Lovexair.


“This is an extremely challenging and difficult historical period for health systems in order to remain in contact with patients, to bring cultural and technological advancement.”

Pietro Azzara, CEO and Founder of Azatec Consulting.