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10 years ago, we decided to work towards an ambitious goal: to bring solutions to people with chronic & rare pulmonary disease, that’s why Lovexair Foundation was born.

10 years later and after surfing our own waves : both the  highs and lows, we can proudly say we are really helping many people, organizations and individuals around the world with our projects, campaigns and our HappyAir Smart Community.

Arran Strong is our HappyAir ambassador. He was born with a rare disease, Alpha-1, thanks to the support from Lovexair Foundation & his family, he is able to compete in  the leading world surf competitions. In 2019, he is working towards the goal of being selected as part of  the English National surf team , for the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 and beyond.

Arran knows that his disease only has a limited impact on his life at the moment but he realizes,  that things may be different in the future, changing his life and his health outcomes,  much more seriously as he gets older . So he has decided to take control and join the HappyAir Smart Community, to be more confident and learn how to manage his health and continue to live his dreams.

His message is really inspiring: you don’t need to feel alone or different, we can help people like Arran, who need to find a way forward to manage your health and live your dream.

Tell us about your special case. We are here to lend a helping hand, so you can overcome your fears and build your future.

How can you become part of the HappyAir Smart Community?

1-If you have any chronic or rare respiratory disease and you want to join HappyAir, your monthly quota, will also help us to “adopt” a patient with a low income situation in Spain or Latin-America, as well as connecting & having your own care plan. Join HappyAir

2-Making a one-time or monthly donation to help Lovexair Foundation sustain our charitable activities, from Spain and globally:

  1. Research & Development using HappyAir Ecosystem where we engage patients in innovative projects with leading clinicians and researchers
  2. Training and educating people about their lung health, disease management, care, diagnosis and therapeutic activity in the digital era.
  3. Providing Integral care plans for patients with chronic or rare conditions.
  4. Encouraging people to continue to lead healthier lifestyles and promote active ageing.

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